17-year old Billie Eilish recently did an interview for Seize The Awkward, where she talks about mental health and the importance of friendship.

Billie Eilish has always been vocal about promoting mental health, having struggled with depression and night terrors. Her new album skillfully discusses mental health, an important step towards ending the stigma. Being such a young singer in the public spotlight, Billie admits that: “I’m trying to learn, still, to make sure that I stay OK.”

In the interview, Billie talks about breaking the stigma in making it known that “it doesn’t make you weak to ask for help.” The young singer-songwriter is a strong believer in starting that conversation–asking anyone, “are you OK?” She also expresses the importance of being there for people “even if it’s just a little bit more comfort.”

Eilish speaks about the importance of friendship and always keeping your ears open.

“It doesn’t make you weak to ask for help. It doesn’t. It doesn’t make you weak to ask for a friend, to go to a therapist. It shouldn’t make you feel weak to ask anyone for help And you should be able to ask anyone for help. everyone has to help someone if they need it.“

Check out the full interview below.


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