You’ve probably heard about it, or maybe you’ve seen it, you probably even liked it. Not too long ago, the world record egg took Instagram by storm. With over 52 million likes on Instagram, it took the ‘most liked’ image title from Kylie Jenner.

What’s so special about this egg?

Not much, it’s just a simple picture of an egg with a powerful message.

A few days after the egg broke the internet, they release another image. Slowly as the month went on, more images of the egg cracking were posted. The egg is part of a massive mental health campaign. The mysterious account released the following video on Feb 4.

The video reveals that the egg was cracking because of the pressure of social media. It finishes with, “If you’re struggling too, talk to someone”. Egg Gang, the creators behind the world record egg and Hulu partnered to make the campaign a success. Nick Tran Hulu’s vice president of brand marketing and culture said, they believed in their vision and wanted to enable them “to share their message as broadly as possible.”

The effects that social media has on mental health is no secret. It creates an atmosphere where people tend to showcase the best in aspects of their lives. We are concerned with the number of likes we get or followers we gain. It can feel, to some, like a continuous non-stop reminder that we are inadequate, not pretty enough, not fit enough, or not good enough. The world record egg showed all its 10million followers that there is a lot of pressure with social media and if you are struggling because of it, talk to someone.

Visit for some useful mental health links around the world.


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