I was asked recently – do you agree with the legalization of recreational cannabis?

It’s an excellent question but I can’t comment on it from a legal standpoint, but from a mental health system standpoint and a mental health standpoint. I actually don’t think that it’ll have that big of an impact on the system at large.

The reason I say that is because currently in society we have both legal and illegal drugs that have enormous impacts on both the mental health of the individual and on the mental health system. The fact that they are legal or not legal has no impact on the way in which it is a burden on the mental health system. A good example we could take is alcohol. A very destructive – when misused – and a very addictive drug. Alcohol can destroy families, and destroy the physical health and mental health in individuals. That’s a legal drug. We’ve all accepted that it’s okay to drink within reason. An illegal drug, for example, is crystal meth. It unfortunately can cause psychosis, hardships in families, destroying lives and mental health. It being legal or illegal does not seem to significantly impact how many people are using that very dangerous substance.

In conclusion, I don’t think it’ll have that large of an impact on the mental health system and in that way I don’t disagree with the legalization of recreational marijuana.

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