Cellphone Addiction

Cellphone addiction is still a relatively new and undefined term in literature, but it’s becoming more and more prevalent. Often, we see cellphone addiction being aligned with internet addiction. Internet addiction, in the field, has been accepted as something that’s very real and that a lot of people suffer from.

It’s difficult to define cellphone addiction because almost everyone uses their cellphone too much. There have been a lot of studies to show high cellphone use is associated with anxiety, stress, or sleep and to a lesser extent, depression.

What do we do?

There are some simple approaches to help. Changing where we charge our phones, or creating no-phone zones are some of the few tips that can help. The goal is always to use your cellphone more purposefully, and to not just aimlessly use your phone whenever you get bored.

Here’s the challenge:

Whenever you are alone, or are waiting for an elevator or at a red light; for me it’s when I’m walking to work, we always mindlessly reach for our phones because there is ALWAYS something to occupy or minds.

It’s situations like those where I challenge you to try to NOT check your cellphone. Be conscious and aware about when you use your phone, ask yourself do I really need to check my phone or am I just bored? Reflect on how you’ve used your phone in the past and try to use your cellphone in a more mindful way so that you are not just impulsively checking it.

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