First, it’s important to note where stress and anxiety at work derives.

A worker struggling against time

There are a couple of factors in the workplace today that are different and have never really been around before. Because of that, people are dealing with stress in more than one area of their lives.

The first is distractibility.

Whether it’s checking your email, scrolling on social, talking to someone, or trying to do five tasks at once…the brain is just not set up to process that many different things in a single moment and that can be very stressful.

The second area is that there is no real work and home boundary anymore.

As cellphones have virtually become an extension of who we are, you are essentially taking all your work home. In addition, now more than ever, our social circles are at work and they’re texting us or messaging us all day and that can be very draining.

The third thing is the perception that people who work the hardest are the coolest and the most respected.

We find ourselves now in the #hustle generation. This again touches on those who have no work-life delineation and have the work-all-day mentality.


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