This week’s mental fitness minute I have a special guest, Verna Marzo. Verna is the first of our newly formed headversity heroes. A headversity hero is a person who demonstrates and optimizes resilience. Verna’s story is inspiring to so many. Less than two years ago, Verna suffered a medical trauma leaving her as a quad amputee.

Marza in recovery

Marza in the hospital after her surgeries – courtesy of Verna Marza and Runner’s World

Verna what helped you do be so resilient during that very difficult time?

Knowing my purpose, and that is to inspire other people.

When I asked my therapist where the amputees hang out and she said she doesn’t know, they probably just stayed at home and are depressed. I told her I wasn’t ready to be depressed and just stay at home. I asked if it was possible for me to walk again, she said yes, but it would take a lot of work to get there. So, I worked really hard and now I am inspiring other people.

Verna on the podium

Courtesy of Verna Marzo and Runner’s World

Verna definitely is inspiring our team at headversity.

To build your resilience, know your purpose.


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