Everyday there are people around the world fighting against the stigma for mental health. Through photography and art, the Let’s Talk Gallery is hoping to inspire others to open up about their own mental health. Backed by mental health U and British Land, the Let’s Talk campaign is now on display at Exposure Gallery from November 29th to December 13th.

Photographer Charlie Clift and lettering artist Kate Forrester have both been affected by mental health whether it be through personal struggles or with close family and friends. With this project they are literally putting people’s most difficult thoughts into words.

Everyone used in this project is a volunteer who has struggled or is continuing to struggle with mental illness. Each person was interviewed by Clift to determine how they would put down their experiences or feelings in words. Then, Forrester would paint those words onto faces of each volunteer. You can read the stories of each individual on their website.

“The number of people who said ‘oh my god me too’ when I started talking was amazing” Bryony’s story.

“It’s like a monster that holds you back” – Nathaniel’s Story

Check out their gallery here https://www.letstalkcampaign.com/gallery/



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