It is a long-kept tradition to trash talk the generations younger than your own. Millennials are often described as lazy, entitled, and self-absorbed. But how do Millennials see themselves? Well to put it simply – stressed. A recent study that surveyed over 2000 US adults ages 18 to 37, found that 78% believe life is more stressful today than in the past. Is it possible that life has become more stressful for the younger generations?

Why so much stress?

What are the factors adding stress to the lives of millennials and Gen Zs? 78% noted debt as the top factor causing them stress. Also high on the list of stressors: a competitive job market, expensive healthcare, technology, and the political future. Gen Zs and Millennials report that this stress impacts physical and mental health. Anxiety, fatigue and social withdrawal are common symptoms felt among Millennial and Gen Z populations.

Millenials and Gen Zs believe they experience more stress

How do they cope?

How do younger generations cope with these stressors? 60% of respondents said that they turn to movies and tv series, using services like Netflix. 52% said that listening to music helps them manage stress. 48% noted they turn to sleep as a coping mechanism.

Millenials use Netflix as a coping mechanism

Stress in Recent Years

So is it possible that Millennials and Gen Zs are more stressed than previous generations? Its hard to say for certain, but stress has been recently highlighted as a serious issue. In May of 2019, the World Health Organization added ‘burnout’ to their international classification of diseases. Prolonged stress can cause burnout which can result in mental and physical exhaustion and decreased efficiency.

Life has changed dramatically over the past few generations, but surely previous generations also experienced stressors such as the job market, health care, and politics. Maybe the conversation shouldn’t be who is more stressed than who, but rather how can we address stress and burnout today.


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