A concept that came up to me recently was around Sunday night stress. What is Sunday night stress? It’s all that stress and tension that you feel the night before you go back to work. You’ve been chillin’ all weekend, things have been going great, but you’re starting to get worked up the day before you go back to work, early Monday morning.

Rather than take a mental health day, we came up with a nice little Cognitive Behavioural strategy to deal with Sunday night stress to help prepare you for the week.

Look at the evidence

employee working at their desk

How many times have you gone to work Monday morning and killed it, done a great job, and everything is fine? Look back at your track record and you’d be surprised how you’ve actually been very productive during these dreaded Monday mornings.¬†2. Break down your day.

Break down your day

lego pieces scattered on floor

A behavioural strategy – break things down into small, bite-sized pieces when you wake up Monday morning to try and make things manageable and de-stress the whole situation.


relaxing before Monday

Make sure you do something Sunday night that’s enjoyable before you go back to work. Doing this will help alleviate the stress and agony of heading back to work Monday morning.



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