Looking for a new podcast to get into in 2019? How about a mental health podcast?

With so much diversity and numerous podcasts to choose from these days, we’ve taken the liberty of scanning some of the top mental health podcasts and widdled it down to our favorites. Check ’em out!


Come sit in the dark place. Maybe if we shine a light on it, it won’t be so dark anymore.

The dark place is a podcast fighting against mental health stigma. The podcast features people from all walks of life. They tell their stories and their battles with mental health, the things they’ve seen and experienced. At The Dark Place people are encouraged to speak up as they discuss things that aren’t otherwise talked about in everyday society. It’s an open conversation for people to speak and listen so they can understand that they are not alone.

You can find episodes of this podcast on this website or on Spotify.

Maybe that’s not for you. Maybe you are more interested in learning some recovery techniques. Check out Not Another Anxiety Show.

A podcast for all: from the always anxious to the occasionally overwhelmed to the painfully panicked.

The Not Another Anxiety Show is “more than just deep breathing and positive thinking to overcome anxiety.” Each episode features practical tips to help cope with or overcome anxiety. Get a deeper understanding to what anxiety is and how that affects your everyday life.

You can find episodes of this podcast here.

Want more? Here are some more popular mental health podcasts.



Mentally Yours

The struggle bus

The hilarious world of depression

Feel like there’s any we missed? Drop us a line in the comments if there others you recommend!


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