Ways to tackle a ‘low vibe’ day.

We’ve all had bad days. You know, the ones where we’re just not able to do or feel our best.  Our brains run slow, negative thoughts seem to bubble up faster than the day before, productivity and motivation appear to be at an all time low. Those days are hard.  But, we have a few tips to help make those days a little bit easier.

What are you thinking?

Literally – what are your thoughts? No matter what kind of day you’re having, your bad daysthoughts are going to have an impact on your attitude. On a bad day, negative thoughts are more pronounced: ‘it’s all my fault’ ,‘I’ll never get anywhere’, ‘why do bad things only happen to me?’ 

These types of thoughts are not doing anything good for your mental health. When it seems like these types of thoughts are taking over, try writing a gratitude list, or think logically about things that have happened around you today. You’ll see that it’s not just ALL bad today.

Stressed or anxious?

Think about the things that are going on in your life and the potential stressful situations you have coming up. Things you hear on the news, read or see online can be having on impact on you as well. Anxiety and stressful situations cause us to ruminate on the problem, usually thinking about the worst possible scenarios. This can cause poor self-care, bad eating habits and lack of sleep. At this point, it’s time to acknowledge those feelings and understand the cause of those emotions.

Take the day

Maybe you don’t need a whole day. Maybe you need just a few hours to distract yourself from a problem, to do something meaningful and get back to it. But, sometimes you DO need a full day. And that’s okay, too. Take a personal day when you can’t concentrate, when you realize you’ve been overworked, when you feel overwhelmed (and distracted) by emotions or you’ve just been neglecting yourself all together.

Do something physical

It’s no secret that exercise is a great way to feel good in and out. The ‘runner’s high’ is what gets most people to come back everyday to workout. On days were motivation is low, a hard workout is probably not on the schedule for you. Instead, try some yoga, or light stretching. Walk home or take the stairs. Try to get your heart rate up and take some deep breaths to increase blood flow.

Use your pick me up

We all have something that’s our ‘go to’ when we are having a bad day. Having a bath, listening to music, a grilled cheese sandwich, etc. Use your pick me up to help distract negative thoughts and bring some satisfaction into your day.

The best thing you can do when you are having a ‘low vibe’ day is to do something! Bake cookies, make your bed, go for a run, write an email, walk the dog… doing at least one thing, even something small, that makes you feel like you’ve accomplished something even during one of those typical bad days.


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