Color has a huge impact on our lives. It can influence the way we are thinking, change our moods and illicit different reactions. It affects our well-being as colors can play a role in making us feel stressed or calm. Looking outside a window on a sunny spring day, watching the green grass sway in the breeze, can bring a sense of calm and peace. Whereas seeing the bright yellow rain boots of a child jumping in the puddles on a rainy day might give you a boost of energy on an otherwise dull and dreary day.

Colors can affect us on 2 different levels. The first being the cultural or social level and the second being our own individual perceptions based on our personal experiences. For example, red might convey emotions of urgency or danger causing us to be more focused or alert. However red could remind you of your childhood bedroom where you would play and read books before bed, evoking emotions of safety and comfort.

What do the colors mean?

We have generally heard of separating our colors into warm (reds and oranges) and cool (blues and greens). There’s a good reason for that. In rooms with walls painted in the warmer tones, we tend to feel warmer than in a room (with the same temperature) painted blue.


Colors of the worldThe color of life and health. It can help with hysteria and nervous fatigue as it has a calming effect on the nervous system that can help ease depression or migraines. It is a color or peace, calmness, rest, relaxation and study that can soothe and relax our minds.


World of color

Red is a color of movement, action, and passion. It lets your love or hate, but rarely in between. Red evokes strong emotions of courage, sacrifice, love, and struggle. It can increase muscle tone, raise blood pressure, intensifies pulse, promotes blood circulation and can release adrenaline.


A world of color

It’s natures color for water and sky and is a favorite among many of us. However blue has a more complex meaning than most colors. For example, dark blue can symbolize trust, intelligence, dignity and authority. A bright blue can symbolize cleanliness, strength, coolness and dependability, similar to the qualities of the ocean. Finally, a light blue can symbolize peace, calm, and wisdom, similar to the attributes associated with the sky.


a world of colorYellow is the color of the sun, light and optimism. It promotes concentration and symbolizes creative and wisdom. Yellow is the most visible color on the spectrum and can act as a secondary light source. This is why yellow can also be a cautionary color.


life in orange

It’s associated with fire and sun, sunrise and sunset, and fruits like oranges or mandarins. Orange can reflect warmth and generosity; it stimulates our appetite and can help you get up the morning. It can be found as an effective use to aid in treatment for depression and overcoming fatigue.

For all of these colors we will have our own personal experiences and preferences influencing our perceptions. They will mean different things, evoke different emotions and stimulate different memories. It’s important to live in a world of color; don’t opt out into a world of beige.

Mere color, unspoiled by meaning, and unallied with definite form, can speak to the soul in a thousand different ways.

― Oscar Wilde


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