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How headversity helped a leading oil and gas company engage its workforce and build a more resilient work culture.

A multinational in the industrial sector found that one of it’s hydrocarbon processing sites had the most productive workforce in the country, and were also among the least happiest workforceacross the entire organization.
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The Challenge

The company recognizes that a balance between a productive work culture and a positive work culture was needed. The lack of happiness among the employees was beginning to counteract the site’s productivity due to increasing stress and anxiety-related workplace accidents.

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woman at desk with computer


The Human Resource team at the company needed a sustainable, turnkey mental health support program that could easilybe rolled out to other sites within the organization in acost efficient-manner.

The Solution

The company found headversity too meet their decision criteria and additionally they also enjoyed the platform’s ability to easily and quickly white-label to their branding standards.

Early Results

Within three months of launching the headversity platform, 36.58% of site workers voluntarily adopted the platform. The company used headversity’s communication campaigns to bring next-level awareness to it’s employee base.

Users spent an average of 6 minutes and 58 seconds daily on the platform to develop mental health skills training in relation to stress management, optimism, and mindfulness.

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Long-term Wins

As a result of working with headversity over the course of 9 months, the company’s workforce shifted to be in the top quartile for happiness: it’s employees were now not only the most productive team across the organization, but they were also among the happiest.

Because of the success of headversity at the site, their leadership team was rcognized by global headquarters and were the recipients of an EVP award, and headversity was subsequently scaled out to 2 more major sites in North America.

User Feedback

headversity has literally blown us away – we’ve never had such an uptake. It has made such a difference for our employees.

When we talk about health and safety on the LNG project, we are talking about all aspects physical, mental and social health. We take the stairs, we walk, we are careful with what we eat, we get enough sleep. Those are simple tools and skills we use for our physical health. These are simple things that we can do for our mental health as well. And the skills that are part of headversity’s training are part of ALL those tools.

Finally, a mental health tool that does something, that people will use in our industry.

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How resilient is your workforce?

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