EXCLUSIVE Free Webinar from Dr. Ryan Todd of headversity:

“How I Help HR Departments Level Up Their Mental Health Strategy And Engage Their Entire Workforce.”




  • The Vital Role of Technology in Mental Health
  • How the Current Approaches Aren’t Working
  • Why Prevention is Critical to Engage the ENTIRE Workforce
  • Empowering the Workforce to Take Control of Their Mental Health
  • How to Make a Business Case that Internal Stakeholders Can’t Ignore

Dr. Ryan Todd is a psychiatrist and the CEO of headversity and has worked with HR professionals across North America for the last 10 years. From the outset of his career as a psychiatrist, he walked into a 6 month wait list of patients, told that no matter what he did or how hard he worked, this 6 month wait list would always exist. At that moment he made the choice to focus his energy towards democratizing mental health, specifically in the workplace. 

This FREE webinar with Dr. Todd cuts through the clutter of workplace mental health programs today, examining how we’ve ended up in this broken system, and how you can evolve your mental health strategy towards prevention and engage ALL of your working population.

Ryan’s achievements as an award-winning documentarian, a top 40-under-40 recipient with Avenue Magazine, a published researcher, and now as CEO of a market-leading mental health tech company, have made him one of the most sought after speakers in the industry. But, this webinar gets you access to Ryan’s training for FREE! This session is available for a limited time, so register now while you still can!

Partnering with Dr. Todd and headversity, this large Financial Institution company saw a sharp decline in absenteeism, and increase in overall employee happiness and mood, and improved health outcomes for its employees. Here’s proof.

Large Financial Institution

This multi-national Oil & Gas company selected Dr. Todd and headversity to help with employee morale at one of its work sites with the lowest happiness score in the entire organization. The project has been a smashing success. Here’s proof.

Multi-National Oil & Gas Company


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