FAQ – headversity

How do we know the data is secure?

We have achieved SOC 2 Type II certification. Our safeguards for company data have been evaluated by an independent third-party auditor covering the following criteria: Security, Availability, Processing integrity, Confidentiality & Privacy. A SOC 2 Type II certification means you can rest assured that your customer data is thoroughly protected.

What is Psychometric questions/data?

It’s an umbrella term for any assessment that tests one’s cognitive ability or personality. It also helps to identify one’s skills and/or knowledge.

Can family members access this?

Yes! When you gain access to headversity, you will also have a code you can share with your family to be able to leverage headversity.

Can I get it personally? Purchase and download outside of my employer?

Currently, we are a B2B solution therefore can only have access through your employer benefits. However, we do also provide access for your family to leverage as well to benefit from the headversity training – further supporting our whole person approach (Home, Work, and Core).

Will headversity 2.0 erase my training data?

No! Any training you have participated in will transfer to our updated system.

FAQ – Platform

If I had SOLO and TEAM logins, how do I merge my accounts?

Upon your first login, you will be prompted to reset your password to merge login information.

Can I re-do my resilience assessment?

Just like physical health, mental health fluctuates from day to day. We encourage you to re-assess your resilience scores regularly to get the build the best picture of your resilience journey! You can re-assess your skills in a few different ways:
1. If you haven’t re-assessed a score for a little while, you will be prompted in your Daily Three
2. From the home page, select the skill you would like to re-assess in the “More for you” section then click on the skill gauge.
3. Navigate to the page of the skill you would like to re-assess and click on the skill gauge.

Will my resilience assessment and progress carry over from mobile to web?

Yes! Whatever users do in mobile will be reflected in web and vis versa.

How do I switch between light and dark mode?

During your onboarding you will be able to select which theme you want to use throughout the headversity platform. If you wish to change the theme after your onboarding navigate to the profile/setting tab and select “Change Theme”.

How can I rewatch the intro video?

Open the menu and select the “Profile” option. Then select “View Intro Again” from the list of available options.

Where can I find the get help button?

The get help button can be found in the top right corner of the screen at anytime!

Can I still receive push notifications?

Yes, our app does support push notifications. During the onboarding process, you will be asked to enable push notifications. If you happen to deny the request, don’t worry! You can always change this setting in your phone’s app settings.

Can I now track my progress over time?

Yes! The new feature of tracking your headversity progress over time can be seen via the individual skill pages, and you can view your history on individual tool pages and profile page.

How do I join a team in TEAM?

When on the headversity platform, go to the menu in the top left corner and select “TEAM” from the drop down menu. From there you can choose to create a new team, join a team with an existing ID or scan the QR code when a TEAM training has begun to join in real time.

Are polls in TEAM training confidential?

Yes, the data from the polls will be presented in real time aggregately and anonymously, all personal information is confidential.

Can I be part of more than one team in TEAM?

Yes! From the “Teams” page, you can switch between multiple teams.

Does my manager have to present the TEAM training? Who can start a training?

No! Anyone is able to start and present a TEAM training!

Can TEAM be leveraged for offline access?

Yes! All TEAM trainings can be downloaded for offline access and use.

Where does the get help button take you?

Selecting the “Get Help” button will prompt you to connect with your company’s EAP for immediate crisis support.

Is my information safe? Will my boss see my data?

You information is completely safe! All information is confidential and will not be accessible to your employer. We have received our SOC II compliance meaning you can rest assured that your data is thoroughly protected.

What do I do when I finish all the lessons?

You are never truly finished with headversity! Just like your physical health, you need to regularly train to build your skills and reduce the risk of injury. We are regularly growing and expanding our skills to keep it interesting, engaging, and rewarding for ultimate results.

What are the different areas in which I can train my resilience?

Our scientifically based lessons, practices and tools are designed to train every aspect of your life. These are divided into three contexts: Core, Work and Home. During your onboarding, you will be asked to select areas that you would like to focus on, providing you with a guided and focused resilience journey. All skills are available to train once you have completed your onboarding, we recommend focusing on two-four as you build your positive training habits.

What is the difference between Tools and Nano-Practices? Which one should I use?

A nano-practice is a 90 second or less practice you can do by itself that puts into action what you learn in a micro-lesson. A tool is a set practice that helps to measure and support a skill.

How do I unlock a skill / Why are some skills greyed out?

Regardless of how many skills you unlock during your onboarding experience. You are able to unlock any and all skills at any time. All you need to do, is navigate to the skill of interest (home page or Skills page), click the gauge, and then respond to the 3 prompted resilient assessment questions.