Our program helps organizations with turnkey and evidence-based resilience training. The resilience algorithm with headversity, validated through Ryerson University, is the only digitally validated metric of its kind in Canada. Using this, employees in your organization can get a baseline of where they are today and receive a tailored learning path based on their unique starting point. From there, resilience can be steadily boosted in each area of our 6-skill framework. 

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GOVERNMENT & Affiliates

Equipping government and government affiliates with our evidence-based curriculum that’s informed by the latest advancements in neuroscience and performance psychology.


We work all types of non-profit groups with a proactive and personalized resilience solution that can be rolled out at scale. Our turnkey playbook makes it easy to engage your people.

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No two companies are alike. We’ve built our resilience program to account for all of your unique challenges. Contact us today to learn how headversity can work with your organization and help your people think, feel, and BE better.