Resilience is the Key to a Happy,

Healthy, and Productive Organization


Resilience is our readiness to face adversity. Much like our physical health, our mental health needs constant nurturing for us to be at our best. With resilience training, these mental skills can be developed and replenished in your employees to help them when adversity arises.

Access to the Latest Mental Health & Performance Innovation  

Our content library includes hundreds of videos and interactives, with tools designed using evidence-based principles from the fields of neuroscience, psychiatry, and performance psychology. Regular app updates capture the latest and greatest from the world of mental health and performance.

Custom Leadership Dashboard


Gain access to a custom leadership dashboard that includes community progress from your employee population, coupled with insights to help inform overall impact on your workforce.  


“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

– Benjamin Franklin

Taking Partnership to a New Level

Working with headversity means plugging our program into your organizational mental health strategy, which is something we take great pride in. It is our mission to set a new standard for workplace mental health, and we do this by working closely with each of our partners. 

Expert-Led Onboarding

Our program creators and mental health & performance experts kickoff headversity in your organization to begin your resilience journey.

Turnkey Engagement Playbook

Gain access to a custom library of media content that’s designed to boost program engagement throughout your organization. Our content team works with you on a best practice engagement schedule and we take care of the rest!

Monthly Reporting

Leadership and HR gain access to monthly analytics with insights on population-level data, including resilience scores and engagement metrics.

Let’s Connect

No two companies are alike. We’ve built our resilience program to account for all of your unique challenges. Contact us today to learn how headversity can work with your organization and help your people think, feel, and BE better.