Our resilience program helps post secondary institutions prepare students for the adversities of academia, as well as for what follows . We partner with institutions to implement a plug-and-play engagement playbook that is geared towards engaging all levels of your organization, from students to faculty and everything in between.

Two-fold Approach to Academia


Equip your faculty with our evidence-based curriculum that’s informed by the latest advancements in neuroscience and performance psychology.  


Empower your student population with a proactive and personalized resilience solution in their pocket, where they gain access to skills that will help them when adversity arises.

headversity is great to work with and their platform provides our staff a great tool, plus we can measure the results!”


– Jody Fraser, Director, Labour Relations and Total Rewards at SAIT

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No two companies are alike. We’ve built our resilience program to account for all of your unique challenges. Contact us today to learn how headversity can work with your organization and help your people think, feel, and BE better.