Learners – your hard work is about to be rewarded! Effective Monday, January 25th, badges have been added to the headversity app to recognize all of your diligent training.

Now, you’ll have the opportunity to earn badges to reflect your training AND show off your collection on your social media channels like Facebook and LinkedIn.


How Do They Work?


On your home screen in the app, right above your booster scores, you’ll see a menu of badge icons. The icons that are lit up are badges you’ve already earned.

Badges with headversity


To unlock new badges, click the icon to get a description of the training required for you to add to your collection.



Each shield is comprised of 6 badges. Once you achieve all 6 badges in the shield, the shield will light up and you can share it on your social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or wherever you’d like!


What are you waiting for – it’s time to get started!


If you have any questions about badges, how they work and how you can unlock them, please reach out to your headversity account manager OR email us at info@headversity.com and we’ll be in touch shortly.


Don’t have access to headversity? Let’s Connect!


To get your organization setup with headversity, head over to our Let’s Connect Page to request a meeting, or email us at info@headversity.com to discuss licensing options.