Measurement & Progress Tracking

Baseline Psychometric Test

Our psychometric questionnaire was validated through Ryerson University, and directly correlates with training in our program so user skills are determined with pinpoint precision.

Resilience Skills


After the baseline psychometric test, users will obtain an initial score for each of the 6 resilience skills, along with a personalized learning track to develop those skills.

Personalized Learning


As users engage and converse with our platform, real-time feedback will report on changes in resilience skills and guide with personalized training strategies in the app.


Our 6-point curriculum is based on the leading-edge of resilience science. All lessons and training are informed by years of psychiatry, neuroscience, and performance psychology that drive impact in both individuals and organizations.

Our Medical Leads

Dr. Ryan Todd

Dr. Ryan Todd

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Ryan Todd is a psychiatrist at Foothills Hospital in Calgary, Alberta, where he has seen and treated thousands of individuals who have a mental illness as a result of trauma, medical or surgical illness. Dr. Todd believes mental wellness can be learned and practiced by everyone, and that technology is a vital resource in helping bridge the gap between demand and mental healthcare today. This belief fuelled his desire to start headversity, a mental wellness tech company where he acts as CEO. Through headversity, Dr. Todd envisions building a culture of mental wellness in the Canadian workforce through mobile, micro, and measurable training.

Dr. Karen MacNeill

Dr. Karen MacNeill

Chief Product Officer

Dr. Karen MacNeill is a registered psychologist and performance consultant with over 18 years of experience helping Olympians, organizations and business leaders consistently bring their best in high pressure situations. Dr. MacNeill has worked with athletes competing at the last 4 Winter Olympic Games, including acting as the Lead Mental Health Counsellor for Team Canada at the 2018 Winter Olympic Games in Korea.

Dr. MacNeill works as a psychologist at the Copeman Healthcare Centre and has also worked with Canadian Olympic Committee and Compete to Create, a mindset and culture accelerant company founded by Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll and Dr. Michael Gervais. More recently, Karen has become partner and Chief Product Officer with headversity, where her and Dr. Todd have developed an innovative training program with the goal of building resilient workplaces.