built for the employee

Corporate training programs have a bad reputation for being outdated and irrelevant for today’s employee. headversity is not this program. Our training is designed using best-in-class mobile learning principles that offer employees quick, interactive lessons that help upskill their mental health in real time. 

5-Minute Benefits

Training with headversity is about utility, above all else. Our micro lessons are action-packed with content and interactives to introduce the evidence-based skills of resilience.


Personalized Learning

Our Resilience AI assessment helps learners discover where they’re at today, and brings them a personal learning track to build the core skills of resilience.


Upskilling Tools

Practice makes perfect. Our upskilling tools help employees put the theory to practice and build the foundational skills of resilience through daily repetition.

Our Real-Time Upskilling Tools Help Employees to…

Build Focus


Our focus plan helps employees put attention where its needed and, very importantly, decide how you need to feel during a challenging event.

Reduce Stress


Our Calming Tool is a simple breathing exercise for 5 minutes and is a proven method to reduce stress and nerves ahead of any performance moment. 

Minimize Distractions & Be Present


Our ever popular suite of Mindfulness packs help employees be present in the here and now and become a master of their emotions. 

Think Clearly


Our ‘thinking’ tool, which we sometimes call I.C.E., helps employees identify incorrect thoughts and replace them with more accurate ones.

Build Optimism and Confidence


Employees can set and follow their own optimism challenges. Science has proven that these challenges help people feel more positive about regular, mundane things, even while keeping the bigger picture close to heart. 

Self-Check-In their Mental Wellbeing


Our ‘headzone’ tool helps employees check-in on a regular basis, and logs trends over time to help employees know where they’re at and if/when more support is needed.

Channel Anywhere, Easily

Access to care is always one tap away with headversity. An omnipresent feature with SOLO training allows learners to access your company resources like EAPs or EFAPs at the tap of a finger, or to general support lines in our regional jurisdiction.

What Employees Are Saying


“I really love this app! headversity breaks down highly overthought training to a user level, where it is easily understandable and where anyone can access the content.”

employee at a large financial institution


“I used the headversity app when I was on disability, and it was foundational to getting me back to work. I now use the tools daily whenever the situation calls for it.”

employee at a large utilities company


“The app is so great because it has a bit of everything. It’s not just talk or video but also interactives and keeps things punchy and short. Love it!”

employee at a mid-sized real estate company

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