A User-First Approach to Resilience 

The headversity platform brings best-in-class micro learning to boost your resilience. Our multimedia content brings a diversity of learning opportunities ranging from video, interactive tools, and audio exercises to suit any user preference. 

6 Point

Training Program


Micro Lessons


Video/Audio Lessons


Long/Short Form Articles

Bite-Sized Content for Anytime, Anywhere Learning


Our Micro Lessons are purposely designed to stimulate learners in short bursts of interactive content. Because we know in this day and age, less is more when it comes to how you are consuming media. Our lessons and tools can be utilized in as little as 5 minutes so you get the training you need to get back to your day.

Instant Results and Progress Tracking 


Get your baseline measure with our resilience algorithm, and track progress after you’ve been exposed to the learning content. You can also track tool usage and self-reported mood fluctuations across time.


“People ignore design that ignores people.

-Frank Chimero

How To GET headversity

Want to see what all the fuss is about? Our program is designed for organizations and work groups. If you think your organization should consider headversity, please contact your HR department or leadership team and we would love to connect!


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