Webinar Series

Our Micro Masterclasses are a series of short (FREE!) webinars delivered by Mental Health and Performance experts that bring valuable insights to people leaders looking to boost the mental wellness of their teams. Our 15 minute sessions occur every second Wednesday, and will give you actionable takeaways and tools to bring the best out of your people, so they can think, feel, and BE their best. 

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June 10th: The Psychology of Return to Work | with Performance Psychologist & headversity CPO Dr. Karen MacNeill 


As workplaces continue to navigate the disruption produced by COVID-19, the attention has now been directed towards Return to Work protocol.  Leadership and HR professionals have been busy working on procedures required to mitigate risk to physical health and create a safe place to work.  Return to Work committee’s need to also consider the “psychology of return to work’ and take measures to protect and promote mental health as we enter this ‘Brave New Workplace.’  In this Micro Master Class, you will learn about:

  • The Brave New Workplace and potential impacts to mental health
  • Common psychological responses to consider in Return to Work planning
  • Recommendations on how to protect mental health and build a resilience plan for your organization





Dr. Karen MacNeill

Dr. Karen MacNeill

Performance Psychologist | CPO of headversity

Karen is a performance psychologist with the unique experience of competing and consulting on the World stage. She is the lead Mental Performance Consultant for the Canadian Olympic Committee and has worked with athletes competing at the last 4 Olympic Winter Games, while also having competed herself at the international level for over a decade. Karen is also co-founder and Chief Product Officer of a mental wellness tech company called headversity, which offers preventative and personalized mobile training to workplaces to help their people get ahead of adversity. While her vast experience has been working with elite level athletes and business leaders, Karen believes mental wellness can be learned and practiced by everyone, and that technology is a vital resource to help accomplish this.


Best Practices in Leading Remote Work Teams | with Organizational Psychologist Dr. Laura Hambley


Dr. Laura Hambley is an Industrial/Organizational Psychologist based in Calgary, Alberta. Laura is co-founder and President of Work EvOHlution, which creates innovative assessment and training for mobile/remote employees, leaders, and teams. Laura is an experienced consultant and entrepreneur who is passionate about addressing the critical role of leadership, work styles/personality, and team dynamics as they relate to distributed work. Since 2004, Laura has published extensive research on the critical success factors for effectively leading distributed teams and has developed and delivered seminars on distributed teams for organizations, universities and international conferences. In addition to Work EvOHlution, Laura co-founded Canada Career Counselling (Toronto/Calgary), the Leadership Success Group, and leads a team of workplace psychologists across Canada. Work EvOHlution’s Distributed Work Profiler was written about in Scientific American magazine as the world’s first personality profile of a remote worker. Work EvOHlution was also selected to present three times at South by Southwest, the innovation megaconference, in Austin, Texas (2018 and 2019).

Dr. Hambley spoke with headversity Chief Product Officer, Dr. Karen MacNeill, about the challenges of team dynamics for a distributed workforce, and best practices in engaging them.



Building a Resilient Team | Featuring USHL Coach of the Year, Oliver David


Oliver David is the Head Coach of the Dubuque Fighting Saints of the USHL – of which Calgary Flames superstar, Johnny Gaudreau, is an alumnus. Oliver is one of few American coaches to have coached in three top junior leagues—the USHL, NAHL and WHL. Through his leadership, Dubuque was enjoying an exceptional season (tied for 2nd place overall) before it was cancelled due to COVID-19, and he talks about a game changer for his team this season: building a culture of resilience.

Oliver is an inspiring leader and his coaching staff has done exemplary work in getting buy in on ALL team initiatives. Leaders of any organization will walk away inspired from the value-driven culture that Oliver has built with Dubuque.



Building Resilience: How to BE WELL and EXCEL During Uncertain Times | with Dr. Karen MacNeill


We are ALL adjusting to COVID-19 and the new reality for the workforce. Dr. Karen MacNeill leads a discussion on building mental resilience in our teams and helping a remote workforce be their best despite uncertainty. 

Topics covered:

– Ways to BE WELL and protect mental health

– Ways to EXCEL and build resilience

– Resilience skills for optimal functioning while remote





Are you adhering to ‘The Standard’ in your workplace? It can be…complicated. Dr. Ryan Todd breaks it down to human speak, and examines how it can be operationalized in your mental wellness strategy in today’s digital world.