headversity is a leading workplace solution for training resilience and mental health. We believe the key to a productive, collaborative and adaptable workplace is resilience, and that everyone has the capacity to build it in themselves. We believe the potential impact each of us can have is truly unlimited – for our partners and each other. At headversity, all of our team members bring a set of common skills and commitments that help us pursue our goal of setting the new standard for workforce mental health. 




We are independent thinkers that rely on hard work, determination and unrivalled resourcefulness. We are always looking for better, faster and more efficient ways to get things done.



Our team takes great pride of ownership in being protectors of our brand, our reputation, our relationships, and above all, our work product that goes out the door.



We have an entrepreneurial spirit and a builder’s mentality, relentlessly adding value to help build an industry-redefining product that has no blueprint.




While we always are strategic and pursue the best possible solutions, we are biased towards action, speed and efficiency in everything we do. When all else is equal, we are action-obsessed and are constantly learning in the process.

Radical Responsibility

Radical Responsibility

Each of us are accountable to our work and take radical responsibility for the seat that we occupy. We understand that with great power comes great responsibility to consistently deliver quality.


Level-Up, Everyday

As a challenger brand that is trying to change the game in workplace mental health, complacency is never an option. Each of us are responsible to level up our skills, every day, in our collective pursuit to level up workforce mental health.

If the above skills and commitments describe you, and if you’re looking to join a fast-growing tech company that’s making real social impact, then drop us an email at info@headversity.com

Current Job Openings

We are not actively hiring for any current positions, but we are always on the lookout for talent! If you are interested in joining our team, drop us a note at info@headversity.com and we will keep your resume on file.