Our Sport program helps the athlete train their brain like they train their body, and level up their mental performance and build resilience. Designed by Dr. Karen MacNeill, the Lead Mental Health Counsel for the Canadian Olympic team, we collaborate with sports organizations to deliver best-in-class content and tools that boost mental wellness of your athletes.

What Our Sports Customers Are Saying

“We recognize that mental resilience is a growth area in our sport, and we saw a great benefit to offering the players an anytime, anywhere tool to mentally prepare for the season’s challenges, on and off the ice. We are really encouraged by the work of Dr. Todd and the team at headversity.

– Tom Garrity, Commissioner of the USHL

“We really value our partnership with headversity. What you guys are doing for our players is just incredible.”

– Evan Rand, Director of Hockey Operations, USHL

What Our Sports Users Are Saying

“Having a tool like headversity is crucial, especially for our league where guys are 16-20 years old. It helps you have the confidence to want to go talk to coaches and teammates instead of sitting back and letting things happen, taking a more proactive stance.”

– Anonymous Athlete

headversity has helped so much with confidence, and has been so helpful and made us really comfortable going to teammates or coaches for help.”

– Anonymous Athlete

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